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CDs + Sound bites

Current Radio King Orchestra CDs and sound bites

The Fabulous Pincurl Girls

Praise for this CD:

"The Fabulous Pin Curl Girls are truly FABULOUS! Their voices are the Time Machine back to the Big Band Era. Close your eyes while listening to their cds and your whisked away to those days of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, the McGuire Sisters , and so many others. Great therapy for today’s unsettled world. Seeing their live performance is on my Bucket List.  "

~ Mike Nacrelli (fan)

"Wonderful album!!  I thoroughly enjoyed this album and especially enjoyed the humorous aspects of the sisterly bantering! The band sounds great! And it's so nice to have this style of music being produced freshly!"

~ D. Roth (fan)

Live from Timpano

Praise for this CD:

"Just received your CDs. Both are excellent and will certainly put a smile on all those who hear them. I must say, your band is the best I've heard in a very long time! You certainly have an excellent crew of music makers!"

~ Jack Lebo, writer for Dancing USA Magazine and The American Rag

"I just received your new CD today, ‘Live From Timpano.’ It is great, and I will have to rate it A+. I will record it on cassette so I can hear it when I jog. Thanks for notifying me about the new CD and keep on swingin!"

~ J.S. (fan)

Put A Little Boogie in My Stocking

Praise for this CD:

"I love it! Your holiday CD is great! It swings. It moves. Makes me want to get up and dance. The arrangements are excellent; beautiful, lush voice, Robin.  The CD added some warmth and light to this cold, dark winter. Doesn't matter that the holidays are past. Your CD transcends the holiday season and is music for any season. Two faves--'Put a Little Boogie' and 'Swinging Little Drummer Boy.' I wish you continued success."

~ F.C. (fan)

"…just a short note to let you know how much my wife and I are enjoying your ‘swing X-mas’ CD. We listen to it every evening at sunset while we have a glass of wine. It is great!"

~ E.L. (fan)

Radio King Orchestra

Praise for this CD:

"…we met at MITAGS after the WWII dedication. While in the bar I purchased your cd. I did not get to play it until I got home to NJ. I liked your music and singing at MTAGS but your CD is one of the best I have ever heard. As for the record I left NJ Tuesday and headed for Maine. The drive is usually eight hours. As I left the driveway I started the CD. I enjoyed it so much I did not stop it except when I made stops. I arrived in Maine at my destination in 8 ½ hours. That equates to just over 86 plays. I still like the sound and when I get back to NJ, I will order your other two CDs. My 13 year old daughter also likes the sound, but she cracks up when she hears the voice at the end of ‘When You Wish Upon a Star,’ say ‘can I go home now?’ Best of luck to you, Rick & Robin. Don’t change a thing. You've got it right!"

~ Harry Dirks (fan)

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More Reviews

"Radio King Orchestra has just released a CD called "Put A Little Boogie In My Stocking," 13 songs that are the perfect soundtrack to a swinging Christmas - and let RKO lay claim to being one of the best big bands around....With its new CD, RKO's repertoire now includes a slew of holiday songs that are given a full-swing treatment that's absolutely charming."

~ Eric Brace, writer for The Washington Post, Dec 15, 2000