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It’s Radio King Orchestra-Lite, with a twist!

The RKO Combo is versatile and perfect for more intimate settings. Take a journey through the American Popular Songbook, drawing on the genius of Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hart, George Gershwin and other legends in American Jazz and Broadway traditions. Adding a little nostalgic country and retro rock-n-roll music with selections from greats such as Patsy Cline, Patty Page, Elvis and Frankie Valli, to name a few, keeps the audience guessing at what they may be dancing to next.

Our cabaret combo creates an intimate experience reminiscent of an evening spent enjoying emotional and romantic music from a secret alcove of an out of the way café. The audience can dine to, listen to and dance to unique interpretations of classic and nostalgic music from great Broadway composers and Hollywood movies to soulful ballads from artists such as Nora Jones and Bonnie Raitt. It is melodic entertainment that’s sure to please!

The RKO Combo can be contracted from 2 -7 pieces and is the perfect fit for cocktail, dinner and dancing entertainment.