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Looking for entertainment beyond great music and dance?

We offer customizable floor shows suited for dance or concert settings!

Radio King Orchestra Floor Show & Entertainment Packages


In this floorshow, we celebrate the music of The Greatest Generation and beyond with a little bit of dancing…a little bit of acting…and a whole lot of swing! Radio King Orchestra will entertain your guests through this unique production designed with versatility both in music and show length, as well as, degree of audience participation.

It’s as if you were watching one of those wonderful nostalgic old-time movie musicals encompassing a humorous light-hearted plot, quirky antics and fantastic music…yet, you can jump into the picture at any time, become part of the “sho-o-o-o-o-o-w” and dance if you’d like! Of Thee I Swing is the perfect show for a patriotic theme that can encompass a tribute to our beloved veterans and their service to our country!


Let Radio King Orchestra and The Fabulous Pincurl Girls transport your audience back to an enchanting time when radio and supper clubs were king. Your younger guests will leave with memories of a fun and exciting evening that exudes the romance of an era that they have only heard about; your baby-boomers will finally get to experience what their parents and grandparents could only relay to them through stories or by watching those great old movies; and the older generation will be delighted with the nostalgic supper club feel and the fantastic music they haven’t heard played that well since “way back when!”
It’s one-part Vegas with a twist of Hollywood, a shot of New York City and a splash of Casablanca – shaken not stirred! Back in the day, it was Louie and Keely, Fred and Ginger, Ricky and Lucy, Bogart and Bergman. NOW, it’s Rick and Robin, and the Radio King Orchestra and friends. This show is packed with whacky humor, high energy music, comic romance and The Fabulous Pincurl Girls. With this show we’ve also built in the ability to add other entertainment acts as well!

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